About us

In recent years the world has shifted in its attitude towards mental health. Around a third of adults and young people reported that their mental health had worsened since March 2020. Despite growing awareness of this decrease in public mental health, many of those affected are still not getting the right support. Mental health awareness is important, but action can be live saving. 

A leader in health management and wellbeing, Grupo Cetep is a Chilean medical company specialising in the management and administration of mental health services. Established in 2006, our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions to positively impact patients’ lives. Its large team of experienced professionals possess vast expertise in the fields of private health, evidence-based medicine, and high technical quality. Grupo Cetep is proud to be certified by ISO 9001:2015 and has established an excellent reputation in the Chilean and LATAM markets for its passionate commitment to its work and development.

Grupo Cetep’s primary mission is to connect people with their own health and wellbeing. Everyone is entitled to quality mental health care regardless of their background or circumstances.
Since its beginning, the firm has established a variety of business units to meet the growing needs of its clientele. These include a training centre, a network of clinics and medical centres, an online market for wellbeing products, a healthy nutrition unit, and a non-profit organisation. Grupo Cetep is currently working on a Health Tech unit that will incorporate artificial intelligence and virtual reality into its healthcare. These technologies are set to revolutionise the way that health care is delivered. Our company serves a wide range of clients from health insurance providers, workplace health and safety organisations, companies, and individual clients.

Grupo Cetep provides health and wellbeing solutions to people through several different strategies: promotion, training, treatment, rehabilitation, and supply of goods among others. Consistent innovation is necessary to stay ahead of the curve in mental health care. Our company is a market leader, successfully incorporating lean methodologies and collaborative practices to provide its innovative resolutions. With human-centred design tools, its professional team is able to find personalised strategies that meet the needs of each individual client.

The mental health sphere must be continually developing scalable, affordable services to tackle the recent increase in mental health problems. Grupo Cetep has developed Mhaite, a digital wellbeing platform that seeks to globalise its mental health support for the Spanish-speaking population. Through a machine learning platform, Mhaite collects the user’s symptoms to establish the intensity and determine the treatment category that the patient will receive. Dependent on the urgency and symptoms, the user can be assigned a counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. This digital platform will deliver effective, first-class support to those with mental health problems anywhere at any time for an affordable price.

Scientific studies have recently highlighted the impact that nutrition has on mental and emotional wellbeing. Grupo Cetep has formed a specialised food unit aimed at improving patients’ overall health. It has developed an unparalleled zero-calorie beverage, free from sweeteners, colourants, and preservatives. Containing a combination of medicinal herbs and fruits, its ingredients are sourced from the stunning Patagonia wilderness. Three varieties of the beverage have been created, each designed to harness the components unique properties. ‘Dreams’ has been designed to promote sleep induction, ‘Focus’ stimulates concentration abilities, and ‘Relax’ produces a state of tranquillity. Our company will soon be launching this revolutionary product on the Chilean market.

In terms of future developments, the company plans to continue expanding its global presence. Grupo Cetep is in the process of modernising the healthcare industry by integrating pioneering technology across its departments. Over the next few months, it plans to take its services internationally to other Spanish-speaking regions, specifically Colombia, Mexico, and Florida. Grupo Cetep is in the process of carrying out research in order to launch the firm in these countries over the next year.

It is Grupo Cetep’s mission to bring people closer to their own health and wellbeing. Everyone deserves to have their voices heard and ultimately live a good quality of life. Grupo Cetep is dedicated to focusing on the needs of its clients and is constantly evolving to retain its status as a healthcare innovator. our